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The menstrual cup Femmecup LITE is the 12 months low cost option specifically aimed at women purchasing their first cup.

Short description:

Made in UK
100% medical grade silicone
Size: One size
Color: Clear

Femmecup LITE is unique in the market; it is the 12 months low cost option specifically aimed at women purchasing their first menstrual cup to 'try out'. It looks exactly the same as Femmecup but it is a slightly finer, softer silicone (still UK produced, FDA market approved, medical grade). This means that we can offer it for a lower cost and the life span is still at least 12 months. Femmecup LITE is also an ideal option for teenagers, petite women, women that like to renew their menstrual cup more regularly than every few years and women with lighter flow.

One Femmecup LITE pack contains:

• One menstrual cup Femmecup LITE
• One natural cotton bag with satin drawstring and Femmecup logo
• Full instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian and Chinese

We know that cost is THE major deciding factor preventing women from trying menstrual cups; they don't want to risk large amounts of money on something that they are unsure will work for them. Femmecup LITE solves this issue and will persuade many more to take the plunge. There is nothing to stop you trying Femmecup today!

Buy the regular menstrual cup Femmecup for 21€
Get Femmewash the vegan hypoallergenic intimate wash for menstrual cups, hands and intimate areas for 7€, FREE SHIPPING!

Femmecup is made in one size. Some other brands offer two sizes or more but these cups have as little as 4mm width between the different sizes. Femmecup believe that this is not necessary to ensure a perfect fit so only produce one size; avoiding confusing size charts and make purchasing as simple as possible.

Capacity: 30ml / Diameter: 45mm / Cup length: 50mm / Total length: 65mm
We are shipping orders anywhere in the world for FREE!
except France, Spain, Russia and Ukraine.

Please allow 5 days for delivery within UK and 21 days for worldwide delivery.
Your parcel will be shipped by Royal Mail.

Please note that your Femmecup will come in an biodegradable plastic sack to be more environmental and ease the shipping, it will fit in your mailbox. The envelope used is also biodegradable.

Femmecup offer a full refund on all faulty or damaged goods.
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